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This week’s ‘cast will be a tad late…much going on career-wise, gotta keep the eye on the ball.  Chloe might be on extended leave until the middle of April for technical reasons :)

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Madonna is trying to adopt another kid.

Another kid.

What a wonderful way to deal with pain. What a fantastic way to deal with the pain of a divorce. I know, I’ll just go to Africa and adopt a kid! Awesome! For the kid, there is an upside! He’s hit the jackpot!  But…he’s screwed as well.

On the upside, his new Mom is loaded! LOADED!

On the other side, all of the money she’ll throw at him will be well spent on the years of therapy he will require. Because we all know that having feelings of abandonment, sad memories of childhood and feelings of sorrow are best remedied by BRINGING A CHILD INTO THIS WORLD.

That seems to be working out just FINE for OctaMom, right, OctaMOM? Right? Because having 14 kids will totally fill the hole in your soul.

Seriously people, the only difference between that crazy idiot with 14 kids that we are ALL now paying for, and Madonna (and Brad Pitt’s Woman) is that the latter have money. That is the only difference.  The ONLY difference.  Don’t ever forget it.

People: Children are NOT dolls. They are NOT puppies.  They are not supposed to be there for you. YOU are supposed to be there for them.

If you cannot figure that out, you have no business being a parent. Leave it to the rest of us who are worthy.