Sex and the City: The Movie, part 1

I’ll admit, this was going to happen sooner or later. I put it off for a while. I always said I’d never do it. I made fun of my friends who did. But, now that I have this podcast and website, I guess I need to be well informed.

I’m going to watch the Sex and the City movie.

But what would be the fun in just watching it and not commenting on it, yeah?

Why not?

So, here is my running commentary. Enjoy!

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The Jordan and Melissa Show

Tonight, I have a new co-host…my good buddy Melissa Kaufman!

We shoot the breeze, debate romance, and have a couple of martinis. Good times!


EDIT: And now it’s on Itunes. Don’t know what the delay was about…sorry :)

Thinking more on Compatibility…

I’ve been thinking about that last podcast I did. I like it. I think it’s a good start as I think I have only barely scratched the service on that subject. And believe me, I’ll scratch a lot further.
And that’s the good news. It took me a very long time to figure out (six years as a matter of fact) that I hated writing screenplays for money, but the very few times I loved it was when I was writing about this subject; the good ‘ol subject of romance.

Nevermind that if I just get enough listeners here or on Itunes I might get a sponsor (long shot, but you never know). Nevermind that I’m a big ‘ol capitalist.

Truth be told, I would do this podcast for free. And I continue to do so. I don’t watch too much television anymore. You know why? Because I finally found something that I love to do so much I’d do it for free, instead of catching up on Lost or 24. I’d rather spend my free time, what little free time I have, when I’m not studying finance or marketing or looking for an internship, jotting down notes and ideas for this podcast and this website.

And all I can do is encourage anyone within the sound of my voice to find out what that thing is, that one thing that you would do for free, and do it. Go for it. Go for it with all that you have and all that you are. And nothing will make you happier. Follow your passions. Follow your dreams. Life is too short not to. And if you think you can’t, you don’t know yourself.

Yes you can.