A quote so good I had to repeat it here…

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free, and discover that the prisoner was you”

It’s a difficult thing to forgive someone who isn’t sorry.  But to do so, you win out, not them.  Like Buddy says, “never hold a grudge, because while you’re holding the grudge, the other guy is out dancing.”

I need to blog more.  I missed this.


Love & Marriage with Scott Ganz

Scott Ganz returns to the podcast as he gives us some insights about what makes a proper marriage work. He happens to be in one, so I figured he’d be a good source 🙂 Enjoy!

Letting Go of the Past with Melissa

Melissa and I have a very good discussion about past demons and how to let go of them.


Here is a link to RAINN. If you ever need to go there, don’t hesitate.

And a link to Teresa Strasser’s essay about her step-mother. Great stuff.

And last, but not least… The Lovely Bones

Fight Night with Melissa

Melissa and I are two completely different people. Nevermore is this so obvious than with this podcast, in which Melissa and I debate (fight) about white lies and manipulation. I’m the man. She’s the woman. Go figure. Enjoy!

Deal Breakers and High Maintenance with Melissa

Melissa Kaufman returns as she is off the market (what up Eric??) and we discuss boyfriends & girlfriends, deal breakers and what it means to be high maintenance. What up???

Picking Up Chicks with JP and Michelle

JP and dating coach Michelle Hubatsek return as we discuss the dating life in bars and what not. Good times!

NOTE: I make reference to a podcast on pheromones. Unfortunately, that podcast audio got corrupted. But I plan on re-recording it in the future.

Dating Coach Michelle!

Awesome podcast. JP and I are joined for the first time EVER (at least in order of which we recorded these) by dating coach Michelle Hubatsek, as well as our friend Trey who calls in all the way from Philadelphia. Enjoy!