Jumping on the Grenade with Ana

Ana and I continue part 2/3 as we talk about how losers shouldn’t hit on girls, continue the story of how we met, and cultural differences in the dating world.  I’m a Gringo.  Ana is Mexican.  Go figure.  Enjoy!

Breaking Down the Game Film with Ana

The Phoenix that was the Jordan and Chloe Show rises from the ashes as THE SENSITIVE NICE GUY SHOW. Welcome back!

To start us off, my ex-pseudo-girlfriend (girl I dated) and buddy Ana joins us and together we break down the game film of the night we met. Don’t miss it!

The Rise and Fall (and Rise?) of the Sensitive Nice Guy WUSSSS!

Welcome one and all to the Rising Phoenix that is the “SENSITIVE NICE GUY” SHOW!

Thank you all so much for stopping by, and continuing to support my little hobby that someday might turn into something more.

And I thought this would be an appropriate way to start things off with a bang…

I’ve had it. I’ve had it. I’ve had it I’ve had it I’ve had it! Listen to this and tell me if you agree.  Enjoy!

First Podcast going up tonight…

But first, the change to this site will be gradual, though I think I’ll get a lot of it done this weekend.  You can already see the title change.  More coming soon.

In the meantime, check out this review of “New Moon” by Garth Franklin.  A choice quote:

“While the parallels to “Romeo and Juliet” are laboured on thick, more fitting a comparison is “Moby Dick”. What else is Edward if not a pale white force of nature, and Bella the protagonist so utterly consumed by her obsession to him much to the detriment of everyone around her. Of course Melville took Ahab’s obsession to its logical conclusion, Meyer’s story on the other hand kindly rewards Bella’s narcissism and borderline schizophrenic personality disorder.”

High Cotton.

You can also listen to my take on Vampire chick lit here.  I’ve said everything I’ve need to say on the subject so I don’t think another podcast is warranted.

Be back tonight!

The Final Jordan & Chloe Show

Thank you all so much for your support. Chloe is leaving the show, but it will continue in a new form. Told you a major announcement was coming…this is it.

A takeaway…FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS…and the money will follow from that.

Back on Thursday with something new 🙂 Not to worry, nothing is really changing. Just no cat. Just me. And Ana.


Red Flags with Ashley

Ever a continuing subject, Ashley and I continue to discuss red flags to watch out for.  I go into greater detail of my “Fatal Attraction” scare a year ago.  Buckle the f–k up!

Anal Sex with Ashley

Yeah, thought that headline would catch your attention 🙂 I’m half kidding. Yeah, we talk about that subject, and “Real Sex”, as well as the taboo subject of pornography. Buckle up!