2009 Year in Review with Steve Silver (dot net)

This is it…the last podcast of the year.  Live from my hometown of Philadelphia, land of cheesesteaks, Yuengling, and my beloved Eagles, Steve Silver and I discuss what the f–k happened in 2009, including:

  • The Importance of Making Yourself Happy
  • The Entrepreneurial and Marketing positive assets of Porn
  • Red Flags
  • Lady Gaga
  • Jersey Shore
  • Dating Philly girls
  • Michael Jackson
  • Ex-girlfriends stealing my  hair dryer
  • Freshmen white guys with dreads who think holding a sign for “women’s rights” will not get them laid.
  • Babies! (Steve’s better half has a bun in the oven)
  • And more!

Thank you all for supporting me these past 8 months.  It’s been nothing but fun and we only have more fun in store for us.  Happy New Year and BRING ON 2010!

Internet Dating with Ashley

Jordan and Ashley visit the funny world of internet dating; Jordan tells some stories.  Not to be missed!

EDIT: Sorry for the delay; east coast winter storm excuse this time.  But coming up next week (no podcast on Christmas Eve)…the VEGAS PODCAST!

Whipped & Blind Date Horrors with Ashley

Who’s in charge?  Ashley and I discuss the difference between being whipped…and doing the whipping.  Alpha’s and Betas come into play, as does Conan the Barbarian-like sex, and some more lesbian stories.  Trust me.


That’s right, tomorrow night, I will be doing a LIVE podcast from the SpaceQuest Casino at the Las Vegas Hilton.  Joining me will be some familiar characters from the Star Trek Experience, of which I was a regular.  Gonna be a lot of fun.  I will be live twittering my entire experience, which you can follow here (the link above ain’t working for some reason…BROOKE??)

Good Christians vs. Bad Christians

Tonight I discuss the very large difference between Good Christians and Bad Christians.  In particular, the film “Heart of the Beholder” and “The Blind Side.”  The religious right pisses me off, and if you have any brains, you feel the same way.  This podcast doesn’t have ALL that much to do with dating and relationships, but oh well. Sometimes that’s the case.

Tiger Woods and Cheating

Spurred on by a facebook post by my buddy Christine, I discuss a few thoughts about the recent revelation that Tiger got his ass kicked by his wife for cheating on him.  Seriously, ladies, know who you are dating/marrying.

Also fellas…Twilight is here to stay.  Don’t fight it.  Just accept it.

Edit: Tiger’s Ball and Chain is named Elin, not Erin.  Wops.   Like it matters.  And CHECK OUT THIS BULLSHIT!

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

The Sexual Bucket List with Ashley

She’s back!  Ashley returns to discuss her breasts (yup), the new mood lighting in my place, the reasons why whitey loves the Asians, and of course, the sexual bucket list some of us have.

Calling the Next Day With Ana

Ana and I wrap up the trilogy as we discuss dating Mexican guys (her, not me), the importance of making yourself happy, and how awesome the movie “Waiting” is.  Enjoy!