Crazy Chicks with Mitch

Mitch returns to the podcast as we podcast LIVE from the Shangri-La in Santa Monica with a few cigars and martinis.  Chelsea Handler and Jason Biggs join us as well…off the air, ah the joys of living in Los Angeles.  We discuss “fans” of the show with issues, white guys with dredds who are douchebags, pussy-whipped men in horrible relationships…oh it’s on.  Enjoy!

Celebrity/Sex Rehab, Dr Drew, and Narcissism

In tonight’s podcast, I wax poetic (blow-hard) about Dr. Drew, his line of rehab shows on VH-1, and how really, when you get right down to it, we’re all responsible for TMZ.

Great Moments in Hook-Up History with Cliff

I tell some stories.  So does Cliff.  And there’s a story about TJ in there somewhere, and some talk about the legalization of Prostitution…Good times!

NOTE: Here is me after I escaped from the Hooker, Joker Style…and if you want to see what the hooker looks like…the hot one…email me.

Escape from a Hooker....

The Elusive Female Orgasm

Cliff and I discuss that magic “O” that not every guy knows how to find (present company excluded).  Frequent co-hosts Ashley W. and Dating Expert Michelle call in and give their two cents.  Good times!

Inter-racial Dating with Cliff

Cliff and I discuss the obvious truth that dating amongst the races is NO BIG THING.  And who better to discuss that with than with the blackest brutha of them all?  Enjoy!

Break-Up Etiquette with Cliff

Cliff and I discuss break-up etiquette, testicle damage, how to figure out that you’re about to get dumped, and how politically incorrect I can truly be.  Simply awesome!

Also, for Black History Month, Cliff has a doll with him.  He’ll explain.

How to Break Up With Someone

There is plenty of stuff out there of how to handle a break-up.  Not a lot of how to do it when you are the one doing the dumping.  Hopefully, you’ll do it with some dignity and class.

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