The Girlfriend Experience with Megan

Okay.  I made a reference to a movie about a prostitute.  Tee hee.

That aside, my lovely girlfriend (who is a school teacher, btw) Megan returns to the podcast as we discuss a few things, mainly having things in common (and how maybe you shouldn’t have everything in common), amongst a few other fun topics.  I hope you guys are enjoying the sound effects!

Break ups with the Anniversary Crew

Cliff, JP and Ashley continue in studio as we talk about how to get over someone, JP’s chick problems, and my boy Dan calls in from Boston to give his two cents.  Good times!

Marry Him….eh?

Okay, first read this; it’s by this woman who advises women to, well, settle.  Sort of.  She even turned that article into a book called, “Marry Him,” which you can buy here.

Now read this response from one of her ex-boyfriends.  Chilling.

And now read this third response from yet another ex of hers who actually paints her in a good light.

I have to admit, she’s clearly a bit of a moonbat (chick lit writers tend to be that way), but she has a point.  As Chris Rock once famously (right?) said, you aren’t going to find someone who, just like you, are into both Jerry Seinfeld AND the Woo Tang Clan, just like you are.  You aren’t supposed to be looking for some fantasy from a romance novel, because that’s unrealistic; life is not a fantasy and Prince Charming isn’t coming.

Instead, the point is to find someone who you can live with, talk with, share with, because ultimately, that is where the butterflies of true love and romance come from.

Or maybe I’m off my rocker.  I’m sure I’ll podcast about this soon.

The Sensitive Nice Guy’s got a Girlfriend!

Wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened, but it’s the first time she’s come on!  My lovely lady Megan joins us in the first of many podcasts (I’m sure) we’ll do.  We discuss how we met…it’s pretty funny.

Confessions of a Recovering Wuss

Inspired by the recent film, “She’s Out of My League,” I discuss what it truly means to be a recovering wuss.  Not to be missed!

Boobs and Feminism

Ashley, JP and Cliff keep it coming as we discuss how JP is Blacker than Cliff, Chicks in bars, and Jordan’s take on Feminism…good times!


One Year Anniversary Continues!

Cliff, JP and Ashley continue in studio as Melissa and my bro call in to say hello.  Good times!


Welcome to the one-year anniversary show!  It has truly been an honor to do this podcast for you all, and tonight, in part one of (?) four, we are joined by Cliff, JP and Ashley for an all-star podcast of fun!  Tonight, we discuss what we’re all up to, how I’m off the market (yup), passive aggressive people, and how important it is to get tested for the ugly and go to the Doctor.  Enjoy!

Fatal Attractions with Mitch

Last time Mitch and I talked about crazy shit.  This time, oh no…we throw down with women we’ve dated that have scared the living crap out of us.  Some more succubi talk as well…

On the one-year anniversary of this podcast, Please do me a favor…

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PS: The new podcast with Mitch goes up tonight.  It’s hilarious.  Not to be missed!