My Two Cents: Random Thoughts

(500) Days of Summer, Wine Country, Anything “Too,” Prop 8.  The usual kitten-kaboodle.  Enjoy!

Chloe MIGHT be returning for a guest appearance.

My Two Cents: Infidelity

Spurred on by a story told by a friend, I give my two cents about cheating and how we spend so much time preparing for a wedding and almost none preparing for a marriage…

Click HERE for last summer’s podcast, “Cheating at the King’s Head” that I did with my friends Britney, Michelle and JP.

NOTE: I’ve just been informed that the Rock and his wife “broke up in 2007, but remain best friends.”  Doesn’t change what I said, but good for them, putting their child first before any kind of BS.

My Two Cents: Dating in Grad School and Pictures of the Ex

I have a cold.  I’m sorry.  So sorry.  But at least I got to watch a lot of tv this week, my week off, and bang out a podcast anyway.  And Resident Counselor Dan Vayda skypes in for the last few minutes.  Enjoy!

My Two Cents: Jesse James and Jon&Kate Suck

In honor of one of the very first sites I ever visited on the net, the digital bits (stole them name from them, the best dvd news on the web!), I blow hard about how much  Jesse James and annoying obnoxious reality stars need to take a swan dive into a volcano.  Enjoy!

Jealous Morons with Megan

My sweet sweet burning love Megan joins me once again as we discuss cats, tolerance & acceptance, and how controlling jealous assholes are ruining it for all of us.

The Sexual Bucket List Revisited with Ashley, JP and Cliff

We revisit the topic of the Bucket list with JP, Ashley and Cliff as Ashley Collins calls in.   Also…JORDAN GETS MAD!!!  Sweet!

Compatibility with Megan

My (much) better half Megan returns to the podcast as we discuss “She’s Out of My League,” compatibility, and how important space is in a relationship.