My Two Cents: Random Thoughts

(500) Days of Summer, Wine Country, Anything “Too,” Prop 8.  The usual kitten-kaboodle.  Enjoy!

Chloe MIGHT be returning for a guest appearance.

My Two Cents: Infidelity

Spurred on by a story told by a friend, I give my two cents about cheating and how we spend so much time preparing for a wedding and almost none preparing for a marriage…

Click HERE for last summer’s podcast, “Cheating at the King’s Head” that I did with my friends Britney, Michelle and JP.

NOTE: I’ve just been informed that the Rock and his wife “broke up in 2007, but remain best friends.”  Doesn’t change what I said, but good for them, putting their child first before any kind of BS.

My Two Cents: Dating in Grad School and Pictures of the Ex

I have a cold.  I’m sorry.  So sorry.  But at least I got to watch a lot of tv this week, my week off, and bang out a podcast anyway.  And Resident Counselor Dan Vayda skypes in for the last few minutes.  Enjoy!

My Two Cents: Jesse James and Jon&Kate Suck

In honor of one of the very first sites I ever visited on the net, the digital bits (stole them name from them, the best dvd news on the web!), I blow hard about how much  Jesse James and annoying obnoxious reality stars need to take a swan dive into a volcano.  Enjoy!

Compatibility with Megan

My (much) better half Megan returns to the podcast as we discuss “She’s Out of My League,” compatibility, and how important space is in a relationship.