I hate Katherine Heigl

I’m sorry I just can’t help it.  She’s earned my hatred.  Anyway, Beverly Hills Power Couple Melissa and Eric continue with me and we talk more about relationships, what makes them tick, you know, and Grey’s Anatomy.  Ugg.

Sex, Violence and Occam’s Razor with Chloe

My cat Chloe returns as we discuss the American hypocrisy with sex and violence, parents not accepting their gay children, and how Occam’s Razor might actually be nonsense.  Enjoy!

BEST OF: Tiger Woods and Cheating

Spurred on by a facebook post by my buddy Christine, I discuss a few thoughts about the recent revelation that Tiger got his ass kicked by his wife for cheating on him.  Seriously, ladies, know who you are dating/marrying.

Also fellas…Twilight is here to stay.  Don’t fight it.  Just accept it.

Edit: Tiger’s Ball and Chain is named Elin, not Erin.  Wops.   Like it matters.  And CHECK OUT THIS BULLSHIT!

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

BEST OF: Muppet Writer Scott Ganz!

Another classic podcast as occasional Muppet-Writer Scott Ganz joins us from over a year ago.  We discuss drunken madness, crazy girls who don’t know any better, and go into more depth about how girls need to make their men feel like 007…

Oh, and check out this “fan” from the original posting.  The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s apathy.  Think about it.

BEST OF: Dating Coach Michelle!

Need some time to deal with some career stuff that has cropped up this week, but until then, enjoy some flashback action from WAY back (September 2009).  Guess we have come far enough to earn it!

Awesome podcast. JP and I are joined for the first time EVER (at least in order of which we recorded these) by dating coach Michelle Hubatsek, as well as our friend Trey who calls in all the way from Philadelphia. Enjoy!