BEST OF: The Party Podcast: July 2009

What great fun!  Jordan and Chloe are joined not only by Melissa, but by new friends Tracy and Mitch, and we all mix it up in ways you can never imagine.  We talk about dating in LA, some hijinks, dating older people, and then some.  You’re in for a treat!  Enjoy!

Emotional Sociopaths with Melissa

Melissa and I discuss the great film “Up in the Air” and how some people are just damned dirty liars.  We also go into why 007 is really unhappy 🙁

I also scream at Jesse James.  Again.  I get pissed.  I don’t think I’ve ever yelled so loud on this show in my life.  Good luck 🙂

Sexual Compatibility with Melissa

Melissa and I wax poetic about Boom Boom Compatibility.  A good point; you don’t get the truth from a man until AFTER you have sex with him.  Good stuff!


Anatomy of a Break Up with Melissa

Melissa returns as I read an excerpt from my upcoming novel (really) and we talk about moving on, sorority sluts and the like.  Kick ass!

Sin City

I remember a lot from Vegas.  I don’t remember this conversation over Cigars…good thing I had the voice recorder going.  A nice sweet old couple chatted with me about how they met.  Enjoy!

Get Mad at It!

Freshly single (oh well), I wax poetic with returning co-host JP as we discuss getting over a break up and tell some funny stories before heading out to the Huntley on a “hunting trip.”  Good stuff!