Hugh Hefner and Monogamy

Happy Thanksgiving!  In today’s show, I discuss the following:

  • Hugh Hefner and how he doesn’t think human being should be monogamous.  I don’t agree, but love ’em anyway
  • Red Flags to watch out for (more next week)
  • The bad examples movies and television shows set about romantic impulses

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Monogamy and Douchebags

What up?????  Welcome to the SNG show!  EXCLUSIVE Stitcher content coming next week!

Tonight, I discuss a reader’s online dating nightmare with a complete lunatic, and then wax (somewhat) poetic about how Monogamy ain’t that bad.

The SNG on the Stitcher Network!

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When does the Sex happen???

In tonight’s episode, I read an email from a friend about her friend, “Kelly”, who isn’t quite sure when she should start sleeping with a guy.  I have my opinions, and I’m sure you’ll have yours.  Enjoy!

Towards the end, I also go off on a rant about jerks in movie theaters. I’m sure you’ll agree.