BEST OF: Crazy Chicks with Mitch

Mitch returns to the podcast as we podcast LIVE from the Shangri-La in Santa Monica with a few cigars and martinis.  Chelsea Handler and Jason Biggs join us as well…off the air, ah the joys of living in Los Angeles.  We discuss “fans” of the show with issues, white guys with dredds who are douchebags, pussy-whipped men in horrible relationships…oh it’s on.  Enjoy!

Note: Season 2 begins next week…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Bachelor Parties and 2010 in Review!

Final show of Season ONE of the SENSITIVE NICE GUY SHOW!

Good times behind us, and even better ones ahead!  In this year’s final show, I cover the following:

  • My recent appearance as ‘Johnny Utah’ in “Point Break Live”.  You can see my greatest hits here. Good times!
  • Bachelor Party madness in the Big Apple.  Strippers.
  • Year in review…what a year.  Did so much, had so much fun, and learned even more.
  • I pitch to you my two books, “My Ex-Wife Wants Me Back,” and “The Ghost and Josh Parker.”
  • Be the Captain of your own Ship
  • See the relationship for what it is, not for what you want it to be
  • Take risks, always do what you are afraid to do, kick ass and take names

Thank you all so much for listening, I love doing this show for you, and we’ll be back in 2011!  Happy New Year!

PS: Check out the Stitcher EXTRA CONTENT show HERE!

For the Love of Vegas…and SEX!

Film Critic Steve Silver returns as we discuss the following:

  • Vegas, Sin City, past, present and future
  • How all guys named “Julian” are scumbags
  • How Men have to be the knight in shining armor
  • Sleazy Russian guys, and what if you are dating a racist?
  • STRIP CLUBS: Don’t hit on the strippers, hit on the waitresses


#2: Listen to Her…and Get Laid!

Now that I have your attention…Film Critic Steve Silver returns as we discuss the following:

  • The above concept, briefly
  • Amber Heard: If she wasn’t hot, no one would care that she’s a lesbian
  • How much Bible thumpers suck…again
  • Movies: Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, How I Met Your Mother, and Love and Other Drugs
  • How Women Love Famous Guys

#1: Chicks, Red Flags and Courage

I hit a few topics tonight, and I think you’ll enjoy them all.  I also wrap up the show with a good example of what romance really is, and that is of the story of Rachelle Friedman and Chris Chapman.  Rock on, guys.  Rock on.