What is Cheating?

It’s not that difficult to figure out, and I discuss that, as well as:

  • Valentine’s Day, and how it’s over/underrated
  • When do you ask to be exclusive?
  • What women want is a MAN!

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Dating in La SUCKS….with “John”

My buddy “John” (real name redacted) and I hit the Huntley in Santa Monica and have a blast.   We even get a random girl to come on the air with us, and debate who makes the best wing man:

  • Gay Man
  • Female Friend
  • Straight Male friend with girlfriend (ME)

Also, I discuss gym etiquette, as I feel that the men’s locker room should be, well, not the soft-core gay porn that it has become.

“Pull Out” with Brea

Brea’s back!  Live, from Sushi Roku in Santa Monica, we have a few pops and discuss the following:

  • My two word plan to fix society’s ills
  • How certain girls “slut up” at clubs, and how guys just don’t care
  • Discussion of the “Hooters Effect”
  • The awesome “hot shave” I got at this place
  • When it’s time to become exclusive
  • How much I love this site, “I don’t like you in that way dot com”
  • and much, oh so much, more!

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