It’s Not Correct to be Politically Correct

Happy End of April!  In tonight’s episode, I discuss the following:

  • How much I hate politically correctness
  • It’s okay to have humor with domestic abuse, as long as you attack the abuser, not the abused
  • Ladies, if he hasn’t kissed you, he’s not a man, and thus not the man for you
  • A Rant against the airlines, but praise for Virgin America.


Just Say NO to Shrews!

And asshole guys too :)

In tonight’s show, I discuss how two people are supposed to come together in a relationship and look out for each other, not p-whip/dick-whip the crap out of each other.

And Dr. Phil sucks, but occasionally turns a decent phrase.

Independent Women

In tonight’s show, I discuss:

  • An article from “Your Straight Male Friend” About how many women just don’t want to be married anymore
  • The dysfunctional women of “Sex and the City”
  • When do you say the magic three words?
  • David Schwimmer’s new film, “Trust,” and how we need to feed sexual predators to hungry sharks.  NOW.