BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and “Best of: How to Break Up with Someone”

BIG NEWS:  WE have a SPONSOR!  Check out and use the promo-code, “NICEGUY”

So proud of this, can’t believe it’s finally happened.

In the meantime, enjoy what I think is one of my better ones, which is how to break up with someone.

The Girlfriend Show!

Neither one of us are pigs nor frogs, me some muppets

Live from the fantastic Casa Fuente Cigar Bar in Beautiful Las Vegas, my lovely girlfriend Julie joins me for the first time EVER as we have a few drinks, a stogie and discuss:

  • Sin City
  • How We Met
  • Our first date
  • Douchebags in LA
  • How I almost blew it with her


Cheating is for Pussies

Rock and Roll!  In tonight’s show, I discuss the following:

  • Bin Laden – It’s good that he’s dead, and even better that we get to celebrate
  • Why Shania Twain is an idiot for forgiving “Mutt”
  • Relationships are supposed to be about fun, and sometimes we forget that
  • My defense of Todd, the creator of one of my favorite sites, “I don’t like you in that way dot com”.  Check it out here
  • Why all women need to learn to love our gas
  • And MORE!