Golddiggers with Marcus Osborne

Marcus Osborne of “Your Straight Male Friend” returns as we discuss:

  • The difference between a good woman and an actual golddigger
  • Break ups and the “skunk test”
  • No shit-talking your baby daddy/mama
  • Marcus’s harrowing tale of getting run the fuck over by a succubus
  • Maria Shriver and Weiners

Romance talk with Marcus Osborne!

Good times!  Marcus Osborne of “Your Straight Male Friend” joins me as we discuss the following:

  • His awesome show, “Your Straight Male Friend”
  • One night stand etiquette
  • When do you bang?
  • How dumb the “rules” are
  • How retarded Romantic Comedies are (Julia Roberts can kiss our asses)


Disneyland with the Sensitive Nice Gal!

Happy B-day to the SNG!  What a great day as my lovely lady and I wait in line for the new Star Wars ride and discuss the following:

  • A-hole cab drivers in Vegas
  • Clubbing in Sin City
  • Rich People and how they are actually good with their money
  • Awkward dating behavior
  • And more!

Porn ain’t so bad….right?

It can’t be that bad, right?  And since I’m plugging these folks, I figure I outta speak about it.  Enjoy!

Relationship Advice with The Sensitive Nice Gal!

Live from the fantastic Casa Fuente Cigar Bar in Beautiful Las Vegas, my lovely girlfriend Julie joins me once again as we shoot the breeze about:

  • Sin City…again
  • Chivarly is not dead, only on life support
  • Our first couple of dates
  • Ladies rules for dating
  • And MORE!