The SNG Guide to a thick skin

New Show!  Today, riding solo for the first time in a while, I discuss:

  • The uphill battle of self-publishing
  • Two-faced people in Los Angeles
  • How to develop a thick skin in life
  • True Blood and the bad boy
  • The tragedy of Amy Winehouse
  • Doug Huchin….ewww

The Douche…with Steve Silver

We welcome back Steve Silver of Steve as we discuss:

  • Douches.  They suck
  • “Bridesmaids”: it rocks
  • “Just go with it” is god-awful
  • “Blue Valentine”: great, and educational

It’s that time again…Marketing!

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Thank you all very much!  New show up next week!

Fairy Tales and Samantha Jones with Marcus Osborne

Marcus Osborne of “Your Straight Male Friend” and I wrap up our first series of talks and shoot the breeze about:

  • Can People really change?
  • Fairy Tales = Unrealistic expectations
  • How Samantha Jones of “Sex and the City” is not a slut
  • Communication is the only hope to save a broken relationship
  • Men don’t like a chase…but we like a challenge
  • How much the Friend Zone BLOWS

Weiner Talk with Steve Silver

Steve Silver of Steve returns as we discuss:

  • the SNG gets politically incorrect
  • Anthony Weiner and Arnold.  Morons
  • Movies, like how “Up” is great but “Cars” Sucks
  • Warren Beatty and his penis
  • True Blood vs. Twilight…again.

The First Chapter of My Upcoming Novel!!!

It is with great pleasure that I give you all a sneak preview of my upcoming first novel, “My Ex-Wife Wants Me Back”.

Here, you can download the first chapter in either pdf or audiobook, read by the author.

Thank you very much for reading/listening, and look for the book this coming November!

– Jordan

Download the PDF

Listen to the audiobook version!