The Book of Mormon….and Abandonment Anxiety explored further

Welcome back!!!!  Sorry for the delay, double episode tonight all about the following:

  • First half, LIVE from Boston with Dan the Shrink (better than his previous name)
  • We discuss Fear of Abandonment from a clinical perspective
  • Horrible 90’s music that we hate
  • His newborn son Brendan!
  • When to follow your instincts, and when not to…

Then, I ride solo in LA and discuss:

  • The Book of Mormon, saw it in NYC, hear some clips
  • Organized Religion and romance
  • An email from a listener cheating on her husband…with a chick
  • and MORE!

Jealousy Sucks

Rough one today, but we gotta get through.  And yes, we can.  Jealousy is one of the worst human emotions, but it is something that can be overcome, and for good.

Romance at the Drake Hotel!

LIVE from the Drake Hotel in awesome Chicago, my Sensitive Nice Gal Julie returns as we have a few pops and talk about:

  • How a broken plane got us to the windy city
  • Do you ever really know someone?
  • Dancing at the Drake!
  • Meeting the Parents
  • And more!