Break-Up Advice with Matty Staudt

And we’re back!  Matty Staudt of Your Straight Male Friend and I wrap up our discussion at the Arclight with the following:

  • Our sordid pasts
  • Jealousy and Raging Bull (we play a clip)
  • Break up advice out there on the web, bad and good
  • Life coaches are complete bullshit
  • Howard Stern
  • And more!

The Friend Zone with Matty Staudt

Matty Staudt of Your Straight Male Friend returns and we continue our talks about:

  • Continued talk about Porn
  • The Friend Zone
  • How Matty once dated a Stripper
  • Persian Chicks, and how they want nothing to do with white boys
  • Civil War Politics
  • What makes a good marriage

Relationship Advice with Matty Staudt

Rock and Roll!!!  Matty Staudt of Your Straight Male Friend joins me at the Arclight Cafe in Hollywood as we discuss:

  • Matty’s great show with Marcus Osborne (link above)
  • Marriage talk
  • Dating while doing a dating show (we can both relate!)
  • The 12-year old spirit within all men
  • Being friends with your ex
  • and MORE!

Sexual Exclusivity, Fright Night, and LA Romance

Welcome everybody!  Riding Solo today, I discuss the following:

  • Fright Night; how a boy becomes a man fighting a vampire
  • How there can only be one rooster in a henhouse, even if there is only one hen
  • Online dating advice for idiot guys who don’t get it
  • Sexual Exclusivity coming before Romantic Exclusivity, and how that’s a good thing
  • How love is very much alive in Los Angeles
  • And More!