Religion, Romance and Being Single again…

Welcome back to the Sensitive Nice Guy Show, everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.  Tonight, riding solo, I discuss:

  • Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning.  SAY WHAT?
  • This “Occupy Wall Street” thing is Bullshit
  • How the Arab Spring is going to have some unintended consequences
  • How inter-religious marriage is difficult to pull off
  • The proper way to deal with being single after a long-term relationship ends (RELAX, I’m not single at all, but some friends of mine just became so)
  • And more!


Welcome back everybody!  Tonight, I am going to ruffle a few feathers.  But I think that’s a good thing.  You don’t want to get bored, do you?

Tonight, I discuss:

  • How a couple things I wrote on a “How I Met Your Mother” fan site were taken completely out of context
  • Just because I rip into shrews doesn’t mean I need to give equal time to ripping into abusive men
  • Pregnant women have a lot to teach us, like the joys of vanilla ice cream with pickles, bursting into tears while watching the Stanley Cup, and find fun things to do with cat crap and Oprah.
  • Straight Men do not want to date women who used to be men.  Period.  Now build a bridge and get over it.
  • And more!

What’s Your Number? WHO CARES?

Hey everybody!  Welcome back to the SNG show!  Tonight, riding solo, I discuss:

  • My dear friend Ashley Collins and her new movie on Showtime, “Pound of Flesh”
  • “What’s Your Number” and the bad example that it is setting for women
  • Michael Jackson and how he is not the saint that his fans think he is
  • My continued work on, the ONLY place you should be going for all of your “How I Met Your Mother” advice!
  • And more!

How I Met Your Mother!

Welcome everyone!  Today, I dive headfirst into the following:

  • How I Met Your Mother, and the great fan site I’m now writing for, Have You Met
  • Danger Zones, and why you should stay as far away from them as possible
  • How you can’t date someone who is emotionally attached to someone else
  • Following the Golden Rule of Empathy
  • And more!