Make Some Money, Don’t Be a Pussy!

Welcome back everyone! In tonight’s show, I wax poetic about:

  • How a guy I know (of) is doing oh so the wrong thing now that his girlfriend has dumped him
  • Email from a chick who walked in on her boyfriend “molesting himself” to porn
  • First date locations in Los Angeles
  • Updates on my writing
  • How I lost 14 pounds in 23 days…seriously (I’ll have a full article up in the next couple of weeks, but for now, you gotta listen in).

Be back live February 9!


Welcome back, everyone!  This week, I go into:

  • How utterly ridiculous it is that Kobe and Tiger’s ex’s get all of that money.  Really, honey, can you shoot a 65 on Pebble Beach?
  • Tiger Woods And Kobe Bryant aren’t innocent at all, they ultimately caused this shit
  • My wacky theory as to why Tiger Woods REALLY got his ass kicked by his woman…
  • There are no feminists on the deck of the Titanic
  • Listener emails and advice!
  • And more!

The SNG on a Diet!

What up?????

  • Details of my “slow-carb” diet
  • Details of the colonic I recently got (sorry about the audio, couldn’t help myself)
  • We guys need to shut the hell up and stop complaining about, “the finger”, especially to women
  • Ali McGraw, a sane celebrity among a bunch of lunatics
  • How there are a few famous folks out there who work hard and provide value…and you won’t believe who I call out in praise…
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • And more!

The Sensitive Nice Guy Show: 2012, Enablers, and Listener Emails

Happy New Year Everyone!  Tonight, I wax poetic about reality shows and how it’s our fault, how we have to stop enabling assholes, retards, morons and lunatics, and manage to read some listener emails on the air and give out some advice!  Enjoy!

BEST OF: The Friend Zone


We will be back live on Thursday night (new night from now on), but for now, enjoy this oldie-but-goodie!