You’re Not Curvy…You’re Obese

Tonight, I discuss:

  • Listener emails
  • Update on “David”
  • How Obese Women are not “Curvy”, and this guy’s blog
  • Hot young chicks get everything for free…and that’s just the way of the world

Time to Find Some More of You…

If you are reading this, then odds are, you are a fan. I really appreciate it, I love doing this show for you, and at the moment, there are about 5000 of you on a weekly basis. That’s awesome, but I think we can do even better.

So, I would like to know a little bit about you. Please take this brief, anonymous 2-minute survey, and it will go a long way to finding more fine people just like you! I promise, the results will be kept completely confidential.



Grand Canyon…and Hate Mail!

Welcome back everyone! Tonight, “live” from the Grand Canyon (eh, almost three weeks ago) comes the first half of today’s show. Then, back to the studio for part two as I discuss:

  • The “Rules”…again
  • That idiot redneck moron who shot his daughter’s laptop on Facebook.
  • Valentine’s Day…my thoughts and criticisms of it
  • Diamonds should not be a girl’s best friend
  • A piece of hate mail I got, and how one can draw wisdom from the oddest places in life (douchebags)
  • And more!

My Journey to Becoming King of Sparta…

Don't Judge Me


Almost everyone reading this has, at some point, attempted to lose weight and get into shape. I know I have. I know I tried. And until recently, I failed at every attempt and gave up. Quite frankly, a cheesesteak and coke was an easier path to take than disciplined resistance.

However, I have turned a corner and finally pulled it off. If you told me two months ago that I’d not only lose 15 pounds, but be able to keep it off and keep going, I’d tell you you’re nuts.

So now, I wish to share with you how I did it, so that perhaps you may do the same. Let me give you a heads up; there is no magic pill. There is no secret to getting and staying in shape, at least for the most part. Everything I’m about to tell you is pure logic and reason, as it was for me in the past. I simply lacked the knowledge and motivaton to put the pieces together properly, and now that I have, I hope to help you do it too. Continue reading My Journey to Becoming King of Sparta…

Tucker Max on the Sensitive Nice Guy Show

Tonight, New York Times Best-Selling Author Tucker Max calls in the show to discuss his new book, “Hilarity Ensues” and we talk about:

  • His new book, as well as his previous books, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell,” and “Assholes Finish First,” as well as his free e-book, “Sloppy Seconds: The Tucker Max Leftovers
  • The protests over his film, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”
  • His retirement from the ‘Fratire’ genre as well as the excellent Forbes article by Michael Ellsberg
  • Dating advice
  • And more!

You can purchase his books here on Amazon, and be sure to check out his page here as well.  Enjoy!

BEST OF: Shrews Suck

I’m in the Grand Canyon, or Vegas, at the moment, so enjoy an oldie but goodie!


Welcome back everybody!  Tonight, I am going to ruffle a few feathers.  But I think that’s a good thing.  You don’t want to get bored, do you?

Tonight, I discuss:

  • How a couple things I wrote on a “How I Met Your Mother” fan site were taken completely out of context
  • Just because I rip into shrews doesn’t mean I need to give equal time to ripping into abusive men
  • Pregnant women have a lot to teach us, like the joys of vanilla ice cream with pickles, bursting into tears while watching the Stanley Cup, and find fun things to do with cat crap and Oprah.
  • Straight Men do not want to date women who used to be men.  Period.  Now build a bridge and get over it.
  • And more!