Fat head and Proper Health with Tom Naughton, Part 2

Tonight, Filmmaker/Comedian Tom Naughton joins me for part 2 of our talk about his film, “FatHead,” and we discuss:

  • Morgan Spurlock is a good guy and a funny comedian, but dishonest. Where is his food diary? (Tom’s is right here).
  • Michael Moore sucks, did I mention that?
  • Low carbs in your diet is a good thing, but be careful; not all calories are created equal
  • Being a Vegan does not keep you healthy or alive (RIP, Linda McCartney)
  • How Tom met his wife
  • And more!
  • You can hear part 1 here!

I know that many of you struggle with weight and appearance, so this is absolutely a show you don’t want to miss! Check out Fat-Head on Netflix!

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