Shrews Aren’t Always Bad People (kidding, they suck) with Steve Silver

Film Critic (and Technology Tell Founder) Steve Silver joins me all the way from Philadelphia and we discuss:

  • The 5-Year Engagement, and how Jason Segel really seems to have it out for cuckolding British intellectuals.
  • Shrews aren’t necessarily bad people….are they?
  • When a chick says, “he kissed me!” she’s usually full of shit…she kissed him too
  • Christopher Hitchens (RIP) was dead-wrong about female comedians.
  • M. Night Schmalamadigdong sucks. Always. And No, I don’t feel like spelling his name correctly.
  • Breast Feeding at age 5 is child abuse.
  • And more!

MRA is stupid

Act Like a Dick with Sue

Co-host Sue is back as we discuss:

  • Announcement on a dating book I wrote under a pseudonym, “Act Like A Dick“.
  • Hate mail on that website I won’t be writing for anymore (listen and you’ll see why)
  • How awesome “Fathead” is and it’s true, the brothas like ‘em big
  • Rinsers – whores who actually get free shit without giving up any ass.
  • Sweetheart Scammers
  • And more!

Psycho (?) Ex-girlfriends with Sue

Sue returns to co-host as we dive into:

  • Follow up to our first show together in which the “psychotic ex-girlfriend” actually contacted me with a different side to the story than what our guest originally had said (we still believe him, btw). The original show can be heard here.
  • John Travolta and who the hell are you trying to kid, bro?
  • How I wrote an article for a certain dating website and why I will no longer be writing for them, nor publicizing them…
  • And more!

Religious Violence and Boobs with Jess Taylor

Tonight, all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil, my book editor Jess Taylor calls in and we discuss:

  • The problem with sexism in the big three of western religion
  • It is possible that people will look for another reason to be violent without religion
  • How we have allowed religious lunatics to take over the world, but how we can stop it
  • The decency of same-sex marriage, and how wonderful it is that “we” are finally coming around to it (this show was taped before President Obama finally pulled his head out of his ass on the subject)
  • Comparing Brazil to the US in terms of corruption
  • Just because you don’t like your country sometimes, doesn’t mean you don’t love your country always
  • Men are just as irrational as women, if not more so (eh…)
  • and more!

It’s very interesting to get other points of view on my show, and I thought having an American ex-pat who lives abroad would be a good example. Whether you agree with either of us or not, it’s pretty interesting stuff!

PETA SUCKS with Steve Duno

Welcome back everyone! And welcome back Steve Duno to the show. He doesn’t feel quite the  same as I do about PETA, but that’s okay. Tonight, we discuss:

  • PETA. Did I mention that they are a bunch of insane lunatics?
  • Insights into certain animal behavior, such as why my cat is trying to kill me
  • How dogs and human have so much in common
  • How male cats have barbed cocks…seriously
  • How to get two cats to get along
  • I love the ASPCA and I hate PETA
  • And much more!

Relationship Red Flags with Sue

Tonight, my buddy Sue joins me once again and we discuss:

  • Red flags to look out for, especially with abusers
  • Jealousy is the big one to look out for
  • Guys, your job at the bar/club is to hit on chicks, not get laid. Getting pussy is the bonus. Take rejection for what it is; a step towards the prize.
  • Be Don Draper. That’s how you get chicks
  • Dealing with Abuse in the family
  • Victor Salva. Fuck you.
  • And more!

Animal Psych 101 with Steve Duno

Tonight, author and animal psychologist Steve Duno joins me and we shoot the breeze about:

  • Well, first, we have some audio issues…so bear with us…
  • The wonder and beauty of having pets
  • Pets are just that, just pets…but not human beings
  • The story of “Lou”, who was the subject of his book
  • And a whole lot more!