Religious Violence and Boobs with Jess Taylor

Tonight, all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil, my book editor Jess Taylor calls in and we discuss:

  • The problem with sexism in the big three of western religion
  • It is possible that people will look for another reason to be violent without religion
  • How we have allowed religious lunatics to take over the world, but how we can stop it
  • The decency of same-sex marriage, and how wonderful it is that “we” are finally coming around to it (this show was taped before President Obama finally pulled his head out of his ass on the subject)
  • Comparing Brazil to the US in terms of corruption
  • Just because you don’t like your country sometimes, doesn’t mean you don’t love your country always
  • Men are just as irrational as women, if not more so (eh…)
  • and more!

It’s very interesting to get other points of view on my show, and I thought having an American ex-pat who lives abroad would be a good example. Whether you agree with either of us or not, it’s pretty interesting stuff!

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