WHAT does he MEAN????

Who cares, Ladies? Because if you have to ask…you have the wrong guy.

Tonight’s show topics include:

  • D–kheads Who Hit on Chicks with Boyfriends
  • Dealing With Difficult People
  • Girls Getting Mixed Signals From Guys
  • THIS silly article from Queen Oprah
  • Is Porn Addictive?

And a WHOLE lot more!

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Hall Pass and Monogamy?

Tonight, Sue and tackle the following:

  • a phone call from Shawn, who tells us of his up-coming divorce and why his marriage didn’t work out
  • Some quick thoughts on the Colorado Massacre, and why I’m trying my darnest to move away from topics that aren’t related to Dating and Relationships
  • A final (?) update on that Bad Date Great Story Censorship situation
  • The slightly absurd idea of a, “Hall Pass”
  • A listener of ours gives a great counter-point to short guys who claim they can’t get girls
  • And MORE!

He Won’t Commit! And Other Nonsense…

Big show tonight! Sue and I tackle the following:

  • The Daniel Tosh Rape joke situation and the completely overblown reaction
  • This story in Pennsylvania that just pissed me off
  • How this site still is censoring my comments, and why I won’t be writing for them until they knock it off
  • Emails from girls dating guys who can’t commit
  • The Sensitive Nice Gal calls in for a moment!
  • And more!

Break Ups and Short Guys

Extra Long one tonight, (as I was unavailable Monday, but lots of good stuff tonight as Sue and I dive into:

  • The film “Ted” and how embarrassed I am for my fellow ALS fighters in their completely overblown reaction to the jokes in the film
  • The book, “50 Shades of Grey”, and how women need to live out their fantasies in real life
  • An email from a girl second-guessing her break-up with a guy twice her age, and how putting him in the “friend zone” completely back-fired on her
  • Emails from short guys who can’t get chicks (check out this guy and then tell me if you can’t get chicks)
  • And more!

Swingers and Polyamory

In tonight’s show, Sue and I zero in on one topic and one topic only…Polyamory. Can it work? Both of us say no, but we have some thoughts…enjoy!

Birth Control and Dumb Girls Who Refuse to Go on the Pill

In tonight’s show, Sue and I break down the game film of the following:

  • An email from a girl who went out on a date with a Vegan
  • A LONG email question (good thing that it’s long, btw) about birth control, dumb girls who refuse to go on the pill, and honest morons who don’t want to wear condoms
  • The very public break-up of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
  • And more!

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