Douchebags and Cheating

Welcome back, everybody! Tonight, Sue and I tackle the following:

  • Our new sponsor, Mangrate! Click on that link (or on the banner on right side) to get our special offer!
  • Online Casinovas praying on weak and vulnerable women
  • An update from Sue’s step-son in Haiti
  • Email from a lady who keeps attracting the wrong guys
  • Email from a dude tempted to stray on his wife
  • And more!

Break UP with HER!

We’re back Live! Tonight, Sue and I tackle the following:

  • RIP Tony Scott, and my thoughts on assisted suicide
  • My new P90x Adventure
  • An email from a dude dating a crazy chick…and his true feelings for her friend
  • An email from a guy dating a chick who has a boyfriend…in the Marine Core
  • And more!

BEST OF: Fathead with Tom Naughton

Tonight, Filmmaker/Comedian Tom Naughton joins me in a “best of” to talk about his film, “FatHead,” as well as:

  • Morgan Spurlock is a good guy and a funny comedian, but perhaps dishonest. Where is his food diary? (Tom’s is right here).
  • Michael Moore is an outright liar.
  • Low carbs in your diet is a good thing
  • Be careful; not all calories are created equal
  • Being a Vegan does not keep you healthy or alive (RIP, Linda McCartney)
  • How Tom met his wife
  • It was Vegetarian activists that gave us the “low-fat” diet that is complete baloney
  • “Partly-Hyrdogenated Vegetable Oil” is the devil
  • And more!

I know that many of you struggle with weight and appearance, so this is absolutely a show you don’t want to miss! Check out Fat-Head on Netflix!

Dating Advice and “Her Dad is a Psycho!”

In tonight’s show, Sue and I go into the following:

  • The Chick-Fil-A situation, and how although Dan Cathy is a moron, he has a right to be and the feds have no right to get in his way
  • Advice to girls how to keep a man happy through a loving tribute to the Sensitive Nice Gal
  • Email from a dude banging a chick in Vegas with some serious issues
  • Emails from girls with loser guys in the dating pool
  • And more!