My Girlfriend’s Ex Won’t Leave Her…or ME…Alone!

And we’re ready to rock! On this evening’s show, Sue and I drop some wisdom about the following:

  • An email from a dude whose girlfriend’s ex won’t leave her…or him, alone!
  • An email from a guy who doesn’t get why asian chicks like to date white dudes.
  • My answers to these 21 questions from a nice single gal inquiring about a long-term relationship
  • My thoughts on Marcus Osborne’s defense of Kim Kardashian
  • Monica Lewinsky is about to write a tell-all book…RU-ROH!
  • And More!

A Controlling Girl Actually Wants to Change!


Welcome back, everyone! Tonight, Sue and I tackle the following:

  • Further thoughts on Kristen Stewart and the apparent one-way dialogue about women.
  • Email from a chick who just might be an honest-to-God succubus, but she’s trying to change. Good for her.
  • The unpleasant reality of “reality” stars
  • And more!

Kristen Stewart is NOT a Whore

Tonight, we wax poetic about:

  • Kristen Stewart; she’s young, she is going to make mistakes, and the real bad guy is the married dipshit who seduced her
  • This fella getting his Star on the Walk of Fame!
  • An unfortunate update about a listener’s dating woes
  • Further thoughts from our female soldier in the Middle East as to why guys keep dating shrews
  • An Email from a guy tempted to bang a married chick he used to date
  • And more!

Should Tell my Buddy He’s Dating a Shrew?

Yes. Yes you should. In addition to that, Sue and I talk about:

  • A shout out from a fan fighting for our country in Afghanistan!
  • An update from this chick..surprising left turn on that one
  • Why our fan Alex keeps attracting weirdos (nightclubs, much?)
  • And more!