How Come Most Hurricanes Are Named After Women?

Just kidding, ladies :) As Hurricane Sandy (Eh? Sandy) makes windfall on our beloved NYC, Sue and I blow harder than the wind about:

  • First off, a buddy of mine calls in from NYC and gives us the scoop from the ground level
  • How “Coming to America” shaped my view of how to treat a lady
  • “The Book of Mormon” and the completely shameless cash grab for charity at the end of the performance
  • How women won’t let guys have anything without them anymore
  • Sarah Silverman’s awesome father telling this dipshit rabbi to go f–k himself
  • My musings about your ex’s giving you dating advice
  • And more!

Help! My Boyfriend is a P-SSY!

Welcome back everyone! Tonight, Sue and discuss:

  • An email from a girl whose boyfriend is an actual Sensitive Nice Guy. No quotes.
  • That annoying new “Captain Morgan” commercial
  • Sue’s recent article on “Green Flags” in relationship (as opposed to red flags)
  • What to do if your ex-boyfriend emails you after 13 years apologizing for his past behavior…
  • And more!!!!

The World’s Unluckiest Bachelor…Uh-huh

Tonight, Sue and I tackle the following:

  • The sad yet exhilarating existance of being a sports fan…as well as tips for dating one, and being a sports fan while dating a lady
  • This guy, who really has the wrong idea about how to find true love, and maybe the Matchmaking Scam actually is doing the Lord’s work.
  • This article, to which I reply, “DUH!”
  • And more!

The Worst Ex-Girlfriends

Tonight, Sue and I tackle the following:

  • The 9 Worst Girlfriends Ever
  • Women getting cat calls are finally fighting back
  • A call from a listener whose ex is…well…nuts
  • Arnold has a book coming out. He should just marry a European chick who will be okay with him having a little acting on the side.
  • My thought on this lady
  • Why hot chicks might be bitches and unattractive ones might be nice
  • And more!

Prelude to an INTERVENTION!!!

That’s right…it just might go down! Sue and I discuss:

  • How a listener has finally decided to confront his buddy who is dating a complete lunatic
  • Hollywood’s selective rage with certain individuals
  • A discussion of love vs infatuation
  • and more!