BEST OF: Relationship Advice with Matty Staudt

I’m currently in France right now (seriously) so enjoy this oldie from about a year go with me and Matty Staudt of Your Straight Male Friend, who joins me at the Arclight Cafe in Hollywood as we discuss:

  • Matty’s great show with Marcus Osborne (link above)
  • Marriage talk
  • Dating while doing a dating show (we can both relate!)
  • The 12-year old spirit within all men
  • Being friends with your ex
  • and MORE!

Don’t Ever Chase Someone Who Dumps You

Tonight, the last one before December, I wax poetic with Sue about:

  • President Obama’s re-election, and why the GOP has their heads up their asses
  • Why women continue to be attracted to bad boys
  • Why you should never pursue someone who has broken up with you
  • Why women hate Michael Vick and certain people forgive Chris Brown
  • And more!
  • Check back in December…but until then, enjoy some “best of” moments next week!

Did She Get Knocked Up…on Purpose???

Riding Solo tonight, I answer several emails and give my thoughts on the election, and how the religious right got their asses kicked. Glorious times indeed.