19 Things Guys Should Never Do to Girls…

Last one before the new year! Sue and I wax poetic about

  • Retards who think the world is ending this week
  • This article in particular
  • Bret Easten Ellis’s silly comments about the director of, ‘The Hurt Locker”
  • This story of a “Sex Surrogate”
  • The horrific shooting in CT, and my take on it
  • And more!

Cougars, Douche Guys, and European Socialism

Back in Studio with Sue on remote, we wax poetic about:

  • Bulls–t excuses guys (and girls) make not to be with someone
  • The Australian DJ Royal Family suicideĀ nonsense
  • How stupid and retarded our print media is
  • Are guys intimidated by girls who know sports?
  • How to get a cougar in the sack
  • And more!

The Sensitive Nice Guy is Getting Married

One ring to bind them. One ring to..ah screw it this is the hand of my future wife šŸ™‚

There. You heard it here first. Well, most of you, anyway.

But enough of that, tonight, first LIVE from the Hotel George V in Paris France just hours after I proposed, and once again in studio here in Los Angeles, the Sensitive Nice Gal joins me and we discuss:

  • How we met
  • How we became exclusive
  • The L Word (love, not lesbian)
  • When the marriage talk first surfaced
  • How I proposed
  • Ring shopping
  • And more!