Three-Way…but the boyfriend wants to watch

Tonight, Sue and I tackle the following:

  • An email from a jackass in Philly with a dilly of a pickle (his words, not mine)
  • How celebrity entourages encouragea violent wolf-pack-like mentality
  • How the Super Bowl is aimed at women when there should at least be a second broadcast…just for dudes.
  • An email from a dude who wants an “open marriage”
  • And more!

Crazy Girls and Bible…folks

Tonight, Sue and I discuss:

  • My experience with a crazy chick
  • Stacy’s experience with an ex of her ex…you need to hear this to believe it
  • Adam Baldwin, and my twitter fight with him (I’m a fan, I swear!)
  • And more!

Leave Taylor Swift Alone

Tonight, Sue and I dive into:

  • The Golden Globes farce, and how you are SUPPOSED to be pissed when you don’t win an award
  • Yet another experience of mine with an obnoxious movie goer hell-bent on texting during the movie, “Lincoln.”
  • An email from a guy pissed that his ex-girlfriend got engaged
  • Calls from some of you
  • And more!

Friend Zone Galore!

Welcome to the Future, everybody! 2013! We survived, the Mayans were wrong, and tonight, Sue and I tackle the following:

  • This article, and I how I disagree in principle but agree in certain parts on specifics (hint: Guys, if you constantly find yourself in the ‘friend zone’ you have no game).
  • An email from a girl who I believe has found herself in a twisted friend zone of her own
  • My adventures with the Sensitive Nice Gal looking for a wedding venue
  • And more!