BEST OF: Crazy Girls with Mitch

I’m still recovering from Vegas (yeah, I’m old) but until then, this week, we get to go back in time to when I was still single, well, not with the Sensitive Nice Gal, at least. Enjoy!

The SNG Audio Commentaries!

Hey everybody!

I’ve been a fan of Mike Nelson’s Rixxtrax for quite some time, now, and I thought, since I do this show FOR FREE, why not make a couple ‘a ducats for a change?

For just $1.99, you can download the official SNG Audio Commentaries. You sync it up with your copy of the film, and enjoy my sexy baratone for two hours a pop.

First up, the great, “(500) Days of Summer”. Enjoy!

Crazy Insecure Girls


  • We get a call from a fella who wonders if it’s okay that a girl “asks” for your password…
  • An email from a guy who thinks he’s a wuss
  • Some thoughts on long-distance dating
  • Thoughts on, “Silver Linings Playbook” even though I haven’t seen it :)
  • A female listener really wants to “date” her personal trainer…
  • And more!

Adam Baldwin on the Sensitive Nice Guy Show

Tonight, Actor and Conservative Activist Adam Baldwin joins me on the horn as we discuss:

  • The future of the conservative movement in America
  • Our disagreement about belief in God verses an atheist standpoint
  • Gun rights in America
  • The role of Fathers in culture and society
  • And more!