Adam Baldwin on the Sensitive Nice Guy Show

Tonight, Actor and Conservative Activist Adam Baldwin joins me on the horn as we discuss:

  • The future of the conservative movement in America
  • Our disagreement about belief in God verses an atheist standpoint
  • Gun rights in America
  • The role of Fathers in culture and society
  • And more!
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One thought on “Adam Baldwin on the Sensitive Nice Guy Show”

  1. A few comments [and please feel free to respond; I’m happy to dialogue!].

    First of all, thank-you for the interview with Adam!

    Necessary declaration – I’m British! We may have some socialist leaning legislation and structures, but [IMHO] these are balanced out by also having a monarchy, hereditary peerages, landed gentry and the like. With those things firmly in place as they are and likely to continue to be, there is balance.

    We *are* intimately linked. Yes, we are individuals. But the Bible [and other religious texts] give us a strong picture of deep connection. (John 15: 1-5; 1 Corinthians 12 : 4- 27, for example).

    This fundamental link between people [and potentially all life] is not restricted to faith! for a start, our DNA shows us that everything alive on Earth is related to everything else and has a deep interdependence.

    This insistence on discrete energy levels dictates how atoms interact with one another, which forms the chemistry of bulk matter — everything from the stars to ourselves. So it can be seen that the nature of the very littlest of things can have a tremendous impact on everything else, on the nature of our reality. The formation of matter in our reality is, at its essence, the result of brain waves.

    Thoughts = energy
    Energy = matter
    Thoughts = matter

    Our thoughts are the language of the universe!

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