Banging Illegal Immigrants (in the UK) and other Shananigans

Tonight (the first from the new SNG Studios Man Cave) Sue and I discuss:

  • A wuss in the UK who started banging a crazy American ex-pat with some skeletons
  • My new living situation with the Sensitive Nice Gal (Who makes an appearance herself early on in the show)
  • Tilda Swinton’s lunacy
  • And more!

Banging the French Nanny, Dating a Racist Black Girl, and…Wow

It’s shows like tonight that make Sue and I love our job here! Tonight, Sue and I handle emails about:

  • A married man having an affair with his Frog…I mean French Nanny
  • A girl with an independent streak who can’t get a boyfriend
  • A man dating a black woman who hates white people (but the sex is good, surprise, surprise)
  • And a lot more!

Marriage, Polyamory, and Dating someone twice (or half) your age

Evening everyone! Tonight, Sue and I discuss:

  • How this is the last week of my official bachelorhood (moving in with the to-be-Mrs next week!)
  • A three-way marriage in England
  • Further discussion of dating someone WAY outside your age range
  • Dating Long Distance
  • and more!

Seth Macfarlane, the Oscars, and Political Correctness

Tonight, Sue and I discuss the following:

  • Seth Macfarlane’s hosting of the Oscars, and the backlash, mostly by women
  • Political Correctness and Hollywood’s selective rage
  • Alexandra calls in with a story of her pursuit of her hot personal trainer
  • “John” calls in with a question about dating outside of your normal age range
  • My entering a singing contest in Vegas…and winning
  • And more!