Embarrassing Dating Stories

Tonight, Sue and I pontificate about:

  • A misunderstanding on the show’s facebook wall…yeah, that’s what it was, a misunderstanding
  • A discussion of a horrible succubus in divorce court
  • The most embarrassing dating stories of the day
  • Smelly girls who take big dumps
  • and more!

BEST OF: The Sensitive Nice Guy is Getting Married!

What better “Best of” than the one from Paris!

But enough of that, tonight, first LIVE from the Hotel George V in Paris France just hours after I proposed, and once again in studio here in Los Angeles, the Sensitive Nice Gal joins me and we discuss:

  • How we met
  • How we became exclusive
  • The L Word (love, not lesbian)
  • When the marriage talk first surfaced
  • How I proposed
  • Ring shopping
  • And more!

He-Devil Confessions

Tonight, it’s time for me to confess my sins:

  • After all the time spent talking about she-devils, I talk about the times I was a he-devil, including a few flim-flams I pulled as a single young buck
  • We get a call from a rock star who banged a chick…and her Mom (guess what, Mom ain’t that much older than the daughter)
  • And more!

We decided to go on the air tonight in spite of the horrible attack today in Boston. Hope that’s okay.

She Devils, Sex, and Margaret Thatcher

Though not in that order! Tonight, Sue and I discuss:

  • Further discussion of “She-Devils”, and my confession that not only have I been a, “He-Devil”, I will discuss next week in detail!
  • The Death of the Iron Lady
  • What to do if your friend is in a bad relationship and won’t get out of it
  • The relation between sex and emotion
  • And more!


Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about She-Devils, and take a call from “Chris” who is currently in love with one…but not for long!

Ladies…buckle up 🙂