Break Up a BOSS!

Tonight, Sue and I dive head-first into:

  • How to deal with a break up
  • How confidence is everything when hitting on chicks
  • Red Flags to look for
  • My Upcoming Trip to the Bay Area
  • And more!

He’s Not Over his Ex(s)

Tonight, Sue and I tackle the following like a pack of wild hyenas…

  • Can you meet the right person online? (YES)
  • How loving someone gives them the power to crush you (UH-HUH)
  • A call from a fella not quite over his ex(‘s)
  • The cougar director of “50 Shades of Grey” and her kitten husband and possible leading man (YUCK)
  • Breasts (my favorite topic of all time
  • The use of the word, “Chicks”
  • and more!

My Wedding, Honeymoon, and defense (sort of) of Walter White

Tonight, Sue and I return to discuss:

  • My wedding, and the wonderful news that it was boring (i.e. no one died)
  • My honeymoon, and how I spent a ton of moolah.
  • How “Back to the Future” teaches us that women really want a nice guy…and incest
  • Why I have a slightly different take on the great, “Breaking Bad”
  • And more!