Last Show of 2013!

Tonight, in our final show of the year, Sue and I dive headfirst into:

  • How 9 out of 10 husbands need to grow a pair
  • How you should nominate the SNG Show for the Stitcher Awards!
  • The murder of my friend in Las Vegas
  • How I am ashamed to call myself an Eagles fan after this crap
  • Hecklers at comedy shows who wish they were up on stage
  • And more!


Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about:

  • people who spoil tv shows on social media without any kind of remorse
  • my recent sin city trip to re-release a friend into the wild
  • an email from a guy complaining about women emotionally blackmailing him
  • in-shape women getting yelled at by fat chicks
  • and more!

Dogs, Libertarians, and Socialism with Steve Duno

Rockin’ show tonight! Sue and I welcome back Steve Duno, author of, “The Last Dog on the Hill.” He was on our show last year and tonight, we talk about:

  • Advice on how to handle your pets and let them handle you
  • ObamaCare
  • What it means to be a Libertarian
  • The world at large and where are are going as a country
  • and more!