Does he like me?

If you have to ask that question…NO! Anyway, tonight, Sue and I dive into:

  • An email from a girl who has a lame guy sending her pictures of his junk
  • An email from an AWESOME girl in Boston dating the wrong guy
  • An Econ teacher’s personal list of wisest words
  • PC Steve (or Lt. Steve Silver of the PC Police) has an excellent article slamming the critics of the, #cancelcolbert campaign
  • The ending of, “How I Met Your Mother.”
  • And more!

Tory “Magoo” Christman

Tonight, a very special (and longer) episode with my 1-on-1 interview with Tory Christman, who spent 30 years in the Co$ (that one). We shoot the breeze about:

  • How she got in, and how she finally got out
  • The difference between the Church of Scientology and Independent Scientologists 
  • Why people get into cults
  • How the Co$ broke up her marriage
  • How valuable free speech truly is
  • and more!
Be sure to check out Tory’s youtube channel as well as my interview with Mark Bunker!


He’s Not Going to Leave His wife

Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about the following:

  • How that married guy you’re “dating” is never going to leave his wife
  • This lady, I was a little mean on the show, but I mean well, I swear
  • Should Girls go for nerdy guys? If only they could want to
  • My  recent article about Twilight…suck it Team Edward
  • AC Green being the only virgin on the 80’s LA Lakers
  • That dingbat moron Jenny McCarthy might be responsible for a measles outbreak
  • and more!

Hecklers, Banning the Word, “Bossy” and the Science of Happily Ever After

We’re back live! I’m still fighting this damn cold but screw it! Tonight, Sue returns and we discuss:

Inside Scientology with Mark Bunker, Part 2

Tonight, I welcome back the Wise Beard Man himself, Mark Bunker, to the SNG show. We talked for quite a while so our chat will be split into two parts; here is part 2. Below are some links that you will enjoy (a few of which we discuss on air):