In Defense of the Beta Male


Tonight, I wax oh-so-poetic about that thug mug shot that women are losing their shit over, a dumb hick who tricked his girlfriend into getting an abortion, guys who tell insecure hot chicks how beautiful they are on facebook, and my defense of the neutered american male.

Rants on the World Cup and Naked Guys in the Gym

….and jealous guys, and people who text during movies, and Orange is the New Black, and….on and on.

Crazy Girl Red Flags…again

Tonight, Sue and I take a few calls and talk about crazy girl red flags, how most movie relationships are completely unrealistic, and how the word, “communication,” as it pertains to relationships needs further definition. Enjoy!

Boys or Men?


We’re back! Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about a few women with dating problems, talk about that horrible psychotic douchebag in Santa Barbara, and take a call from a, “reformed nice guy,” with some thoughts about mysogyny in the American Media and how our boys aren’t getting the right education about women.