Are You In Love with a Psychotic Person?

This guy is. And my heart truly goes out to him…but….

How I Got Engaged

LIVE from the Hotel George V in Paris France just hours after I proposed, and once again in studio here in Los Angeles, the Sensitive Nice Gal joins me to discuss how we decided to take the leap!

Note: Originally aired 12/3/12. 

Golddiggers with Marcus Osborne

Marcus Osborne of “Your Straight Male Friend” returns as we discuss:

  • The difference between a good woman and an actual golddigger
  • Break ups and the “skunk test”
  • No shit-talking your baby daddy/mama
  • Marcus’s harrowing tale of getting run the fuck over by a succubus
  • Maria Shriver and Weiners

NOTE: Originally aired 6/29/11

Romance Talk with Marcus Osborne

Marcus Osborne of “Your Straight Male Friend” joins me as we discuss the following:

  • His awesome show, “Your Straight Male Friend”
  • One night stand etiquette
  • When do you bang?
  • How dumb the “rules” are
  • How retarded Romantic Comedies are (Julia Roberts can kiss our asses)

NOTE: Originally aired 6/22/11

The Friends Zone

From WAY WAY back when I was single…Ah, the zone.  We all hate it, we’ve all been in it, but we’ve all also put people in it.  Halfway through my friend Brianna joins me as I discuss:

  • advice for guys in the zone (retreat and regroup!)
  • advice for girls in the zone (don’t sleep with him!)

Note: Originally aired 10/13/10. 

How to have a fun Road Trip: SNG on the Road!

From WAY Back in my single days, here are some of my outtakes, GREAT stuff, from VEGAS, North Carolina, LA and Philly!


  • Hear the beginning of me getting tossed out of a topless pool in Vegas.  So worth it, she was hot!
  • Hear what would have happened had I stayed with a girlfriend I once dated
  • Check out the ladies of North Carolina with Dan, Moira and my bro Scott
  • Actually, for the first time ever, hear me throw game at three chicks, and actually break down the game film later on and see where I went off the rails

Note: Originally aired 9/08/10. My, how things have changed.

How to Break Up With Someone

There is plenty of stuff out there of how to handle a break-up.  Not a lot of how to do it when you are the one doing the dumping.  Hopefully, you’ll do it with some dignity and class.

NOTE: Originally Aired Feb 10, 2010. 

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All About the Gays, Part 2

Tonight, in part 2 of our fabulous party at SNG Studios, we get all gay (happy) and gay (butt/scissor sex) celebrating AND discussing the recent Supreme Court decision. Was it right? Was it wrong? Right, Left, Gay, Straight, all will be offended, I promise! Enjoy