Believe it Or Not…Once…I had No Game…

Tonight, I read a few entries from a blog I used to have…buckle up…


Signs that She’s, “The One.”,width-310,resizemode-4/was-she-the-one-how-not-to-dwell-over-an-old-fl-ame.jpg

It’s a 20/20 hindsight thing, ultimately, but here are the five things you need to know to find the so-called, “One,”:

  1. She’s Hot, and you want to bang. Now.
  2. You two have lots in common.
  3. She’s smart.
  4. She’s nice.
  5. She’s sane.

That’s it.


Women and their DRAMA!


Happy Friday! On we go as Sue and I discuss honesty and where you should find people to date, and the greatest word women ever corrupted…DRAMA. Enjoy!

Is Love Enough? NO!


Happy Tuesday the 13th Is that scary? I don’t care, because…never mind. Anyway, tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about how love is not enough to sustain a long-term relationships. Also, we wax some more about how love can make you do stupid things, like stay with an alcoholic and date an abuser. Enjoy!

What Do MEN Want?

Welcome to October! Halloween! Okay we get the whole month. Besides dressing up like Princess Leia once a year, what do men want? We discuss, and you listen. Enjoy!