Dealing with Trump Supporters

In tonight’s special half-hour, I explain how Trump is the same guy as the new villain on, “The Walking Dead,” how the 90’s weren’t as great as you thought they were, and why chimpanzees shouldn’t be treated the same as people. Enjoy!

Don’t be THAT guy…

Let’s rock! Tonight, I discuss the proper way to write an online dating profile, show you what happy and confident people don’t do, and pay tribute to my cat of 14 years. Enjoy!

Thoughts on Grief and Loss

Tonight, I wax a little poetic and talk about, “The Descendants,” “Captain America: Civil War,” and how certain films can be therapeutic to watch while grieving the loss of a loved one. Enjoy!

It’s Over…Accept it!

Tonight, I tackle an email from a lady who really, really, really needs to walk away from a toxic relationship. Enjoy!

Been a Tough Year

Rest in Peace, madame. Patton, we’re all with you.

Good evening ladies and gents! Tonight…I answer a few questions about dating and relationships, and pay tribute to Dr. Drew and Loveline as well as Michelle McNamara. Been a tough year so far, and it’s only May.