Get A Dog

Tonight, I wax poetic about how this show might change next year, why getting a dog is a good idea if you’re single and lonely (as long as “Fluffy” is a placeholder, not a substitute), how I would remake, “Love, Actually,” and my GIANT problem with the ending of the otherwise awesome new film, “Arrival.” Enjoy!

Don’t be THAT guy…

Happy Thanksgiving! Tonight, I ramble on about what it means to be, “THAT guy,” and how to avoid being such, how to get through the holidays with annoying relatives (I got those) plus some other various sundries and blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. Enjoy!

Buy Someone A Drink

Evening, folks! Tonight, I blow hard about why I think Il Duce 2.0 won the election, how regretful (but not necessarily sorry) I am for some ways I behaved in the past, and how the muse gave me a great idea that I think we all should do at least once a week. Enjoy!