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#450: Bojack Horseman: Would You Accept an Apology?

Lucy, honey, did you eat my apple?







Good evening! Welcome back. Tonight, I take my dog for a walk and discuss the sublime, “Bojack Horseman,” and how it hits home for so many of us out here. Every human being, on some level, needs to be acknowledged. Bojack has no idea. Enjoy!

#444: May You Grow Old and Wise

Last, “live,” one before the new year! Check out, “They Shall Not Grow Old,” on December 27th. It’ll make you a better person. Boy did that documentary masterpiece (bravo, Peter Jackson!) put a lot of things in perspective, like dealing with difficult people at home, break-up devastation, and crap that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans when you’re dying in the mud.

I don’t spend that much time talking about the film, but…

#443: Grief, Revisited

You still got it, my Queen!







Hello! I had planned to talk about other topics, but a lovely comment from youtube inspired me to ramble and I think it might help you with your pain of loss. Thank you, Delilah, for the comment!

PS: Jackson Galaxy rules!!!!!