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#379: The Big Sick and Cross-Cultural Dating

Good evening! Tonight, I wax poetic and shoot the breeze about:

  • The pitfalls one encounters when you date outside of your own, “tribe.”
  • A review of the recent film on the above subject, “The Big Sick.”
  • I also watched the first three episodes of, “GLOW,” and the jury is still out.
  • The kind of man I want Jack to grow up to be, and why that isn’t necessarily a good thing


Become Your Authentic Self or, “Die.”

Good evening, what’s going on? ‘Bout time I use that here.  Again.

Anywho, tonight, I wax poetic about:

  • Fitness updates; 21 days out of 30 completed
  • Why girls sometimes give bad dating advice to guys
  • Dr. Antonio finally got something wrong on twitter (it never happens. He’s awesome).
  • Film reviews
  • A nightmare I had recently
  • Enjoy!

I’m Not Holding Your Purse

Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about how there is no crying in Disneyland, how a guy peed on me (by accident?) there, a woman who writes a letter to her younger self admonition her for letting go of a, “nice guy,” and that recent Supreme Court case about birth control. Enjoy!

He’s Not Going to Leave His wife

Tonight, Sue and I wax poetic about the following:

  • How that married guy you’re “dating” is never going to leave his wife
  • This lady, I was a little mean on the show, but I mean well, I swear
  • Should Girls go for nerdy guys? If only they could want to
  • My  recent article about Twilight…suck it Team Edward
  • AC Green being the only virgin on the 80’s LA Lakers
  • That dingbat moron Jenny McCarthy might be responsible for a measles outbreak
  • and more!

Are there any REAL MEN LEFT???

Well, yes. Neil is one of them. You may remember him from this show a little while back, and he returns to give us an update and shoot the breeze about:

  • Tom Cruise and how Katie Holmes might have divorced him because of his religion
  • A man who got stabbed in the eye by his girlfriend when he refused sex
  • An email from a lady who had a guy text her (instead of calling her) and actually said he didn’t want to spend a lot of money on her
  • My wife jumps in towards the end to set the record straight about when I called her for the first time
  • And more!

Is He Playing Games?

Probably. No matter. Anyway, tonight, during the opening of what will most likely (not) be a great (but rebuilding) season for my beloved Philadelphia Eagles, Sue and I dive into the following:

  • Advice for my lovelorn single friends
  • Normal wedding jitters
  • Crazy Arizona Christians going to England
  • How 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight are just wonderful pieces of literature and great examples for women to follow
  • Whether a guy is playing games with his girl or not
  • And more!

Rude People, Bible Thumpers, and Tony Soprano

Tonight, we talk about the following wicked topics:

  • My recent trip with the SNGal to Del Mar
  • The death of James Gandolfini and this rude idiot’s response on my facebook page
  • How this man is getting royally f–ked in the ass by his ex-wife, after probably having that done to him literally in prison
  • Pat Robertson is at it again. Sigh…
  • and more!

Stale Marriage…Anal?

Tonight, Sue and I tackle the following:

  • How a husband should go about asking his wife for a little back-door action
  • An email from a complete douche who probably cheated on his girlfriend
  • My recent trip to the Grand Canyon as well as the new Star Trek film
  • and more!

Marriage, Polyamory, and Dating someone twice (or half) your age

Evening everyone! Tonight, Sue and I discuss:

  • How this is the last week of my official bachelorhood (moving in with the to-be-Mrs next week!)
  • A three-way marriage in England
  • Further discussion of dating someone WAY outside your age range
  • Dating Long Distance
  • and more!

Crazy Girls and Bible…folks

Tonight, Sue and I discuss:

  • My experience with a crazy chick
  • Stacy’s experience with an ex of her ex…you need to hear this to believe it
  • Adam Baldwin, and my twitter fight with him (I’m a fan, I swear!)
  • And more!

How Come Most Hurricanes Are Named After Women?

Just kidding, ladies 🙂 As Hurricane Sandy (Eh? Sandy) makes windfall on our beloved NYC, Sue and I blow harder than the wind about:

  • First off, a buddy of mine calls in from NYC and gives us the scoop from the ground level
  • How “Coming to America” shaped my view of how to treat a lady
  • “The Book of Mormon” and the completely shameless cash grab for charity at the end of the performance
  • How women won’t let guys have anything without them anymore
  • Sarah Silverman’s awesome father telling this dipshit rabbi to go f–k himself
  • My musings about your ex’s giving you dating advice
  • And more!

My Girlfriend’s Ex Won’t Leave Her…or ME…Alone!

And we’re ready to rock! On this evening’s show, Sue and I drop some wisdom about the following:

  • An email from a dude whose girlfriend’s ex won’t leave her…or him, alone!
  • An email from a guy who doesn’t get why asian chicks like to date white dudes.
  • My answers to these 21 questions from a nice single gal inquiring about a long-term relationship
  • My thoughts on Marcus Osborne’s defense of Kim Kardashian
  • Monica Lewinsky is about to write a tell-all book…RU-ROH!
  • And More!

Dating Advice and “Her Dad is a Psycho!”

In tonight’s show, Sue and I go into the following:

  • The Chick-Fil-A situation, and how although Dan Cathy is a moron, he has a right to be and the feds have no right to get in his way
  • Advice to girls how to keep a man happy through a loving tribute to the Sensitive Nice Gal
  • Email from a dude banging a chick in Vegas with some serious issues
  • Emails from girls with loser guys in the dating pool
  • And more!

He Won’t Commit! And Other Nonsense…

Big show tonight! Sue and I tackle the following:

  • The Daniel Tosh Rape joke situation and the completely overblown reaction
  • This story in Pennsylvania that just pissed me off
  • How this site still is censoring my comments, and why I won’t be writing for them until they knock it off
  • Emails from girls dating guys who can’t commit
  • The Sensitive Nice Gal calls in for a moment!
  • And more!

Break Ups and Short Guys

Extra Long one tonight, (as I was unavailable Monday, but lots of good stuff tonight as Sue and I dive into:

  • The film “Ted” and how embarrassed I am for my fellow ALS fighters in their completely overblown reaction to the jokes in the film
  • The book, “50 Shades of Grey”, and how women need to live out their fantasies in real life
  • An email from a girl second-guessing her break-up with a guy twice her age, and how putting him in the “friend zone” completely back-fired on her
  • Emails from short guys who can’t get chicks (check out this guy and then tell me if you can’t get chicks)
  • And more!

Birth Control and Dumb Girls Who Refuse to Go on the Pill

In tonight’s show, Sue and I break down the game film of the following:

  • An email from a girl who went out on a date with a Vegan
  • A LONG email question (good thing that it’s long, btw) about birth control, dumb girls who refuse to go on the pill, and honest morons who don’t want to wear condoms
  • The very public break-up of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
  • And more!

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Religious Violence and Boobs with Jess Taylor

Tonight, all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil, my book editor Jess Taylor calls in and we discuss:

  • The problem with sexism in the big three of western religion
  • It is possible that people will look for another reason to be violent without religion
  • How we have allowed religious lunatics to take over the world, but how we can stop it
  • The decency of same-sex marriage, and how wonderful it is that “we” are finally coming around to it (this show was taped before President Obama finally pulled his head out of his ass on the subject)
  • Comparing Brazil to the US in terms of corruption
  • Just because you don’t like your country sometimes, doesn’t mean you don’t love your country always
  • Men are just as irrational as women, if not more so (eh…)
  • and more!

It’s very interesting to get other points of view on my show, and I thought having an American ex-pat who lives abroad would be a good example. Whether you agree with either of us or not, it’s pretty interesting stuff!

Getting Gay with Jess Taylor

Tonight, all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil, my book editor Jess Taylor calls in and we discuss

  • What it means to be gay
  • How Jess first knew he liked the penis (jk)
  • Don’t men get along better with men intellectually?
  • Can men and women truly be friends?
  • The retarded Religious Right
  • The nature of violence in humanity
  • And more!

Friend Zone Nonsense, Angry Emails and Astrology is Bulls–t

Rockin’ Show tonight with the SNG riding solo. Tonight, I discuss:

  • An Email from a dude who did the right thing when a girl tried to put him in the “friend zone”
  • The little yap dogs that many women carry around, well…
  • Astrology does not make the female gender look good
  • I don’t have to respect the beliefs of people who think the Earth was literally formed in 6 days.
  • And more…oh so much more…