The Party Podcast!

What great fun!  Jordan and Chloe are joined not only by Melissa, but by new friends Tracy and Mitch, and we all mix it up in ways you can never imagine.  We talk about dating in LA, some hijinks, dating older people, and then some.  You’re in for a treat!  Enjoy!


Melissa returns as we being the show talking about the film, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” segway into dealbreakers for a bit, and end up “debating” the (not-so) finer points of Astrology.  Buckle up!

The Tao of Steve (Silver)

My good buddy Steve Silver calls in from my hometown of Philly and we discuss Sex & the City as well as How I Met Your Mother, and how Jordan stupidly forgot to hit on a cute Asian chick who writes for the show. Kourtney Kang, if you’re reading this…email me. Prove to me you are charming :)

Internet Dating, Part Deux

Melissa and I continue our discussion on Internet dating (and why you should not put “about average” as a body type when you are a wildebeest) and we also go into Sex and the City: The Movie. Miranda sucks. There I said it.

How to Tell if They are interested…

In tonight’s podcast, I give a couple of pointers in regards to how you can tell whether or not that looker you’re speaking to (and hitting on) feels the same way, and not thinking of the ways he/she can humiliate you. You know, because it’s not like I have any personal experience in the latter…

EDIT: Some, maybe all of this, might be obvious to you.  If it is, congrats, you are part of the upper 10% of people who are not complete idiots!  But I’ve been an idiot, and some of this wasn’t so obvious to me.  I once had a girl practically drag me to MY bed before I figured out that she liked me.  Yup.  Men can be clueless.  And ladies, if you think you’re not, well…come on. :)

Internet Dating

In tonight’s podcast, Melissa and I (with Chloe on occasion) explore the world of Internet dating, and also go into going to sleezy LA nightclubs full of morons and bitches. You know, the typical Saturday night. Enjoy!

A day late…

But not a dollar short. I taped the latest podcast last night but was too sleepy to do the post production. I’d rather wait a day and have something good than rush something mediocre.

Anyway, here’s a tease…it’s about succubi…