The Show Goes Out in Public

Thanks to Jordan’s new IPhone, The Jordan and Chloe Show hits the streets!  Along with the “gang” (Melissa, Tracy and Mitch) the four of us hit Makai and talk about numbers, dating, getting wrecked by relationships, and more.  Enjoy!

Compatibility with Dr. Dan

Finally! After far too long, My good friend Dan Vayda joins us all the way from Boston via Skype for our first across the country podcast as we further discuss compatibility and what makes a functional couple tick.

Numbers and Crazy Chicks with JP

JP’s back!  Tonight, we talk about Lady GaGa (again), shrews (once again), crazy chicks (and Jordan’s How I met Your Mother-Inspired Crazy/Good in Bed Scale), as well as how rude it is to ask what someone’s “number” is.  Jordan also explains what a horrible idea it is to date within one’s educational program.  You know who I’m talking about.

Bring on the hate mail!


We are now on skype.  Feel free to chat and ask questions, and maybe you’ll find yourself on the air.   As with emails, I reserve the right to boot anyone who is a troll.  Be nice!

Also, it has been brought to my attention that I have offended some of you with the last podcast I did with JP (part two is going up tonight, fyi).  If that is the case (and you know who you are), you are more than welcome to come on the air, chat with us, or post a rebuttal.  I will keep it up and not delete it.

But do consider that if I have hit a little too close to home, maybe that’s why you’re upset.   Sometimes the truth hurts.  🙂

Stupid Girls with JP…

My good buddy JP joins the podcast tonight as we discuss stupid girls (if you get mad at us, well, you’re stupid), headaches (really? that’s still your excuse?), dating, shrews (same with stupid girls, if you get mad, you are one), and how JP first got wrecked by a woman (all of us have, at least once). Good times! Enjoy!

What the f#$k do women really want???

Mitch and Tracy return as Melissa, Chloe and Jordan mix it up with some cocktails and what women want (or don’t want), alpha males, women’s logic (or lack there-of), and prenups. Jordan also reveals why he doesn’t like Jennifer Tilly anymore…

He’s Just Not That Into You

Jordan and Melissa finally get down to business and discuss the film, “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Enjoy!

The Party Podcast!

What great fun!  Jordan and Chloe are joined not only by Melissa, but by new friends Tracy and Mitch, and we all mix it up in ways you can never imagine.  We talk about dating in LA, some hijinks, dating older people, and then some.  You’re in for a treat!  Enjoy!


Melissa returns as we being the show talking about the film, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” segway into dealbreakers for a bit, and end up “debating” the (not-so) finer points of Astrology.  Buckle up!

The Succubus falls…

In part two of a podcast that went a WEE BIT long, Matt Barkan and I continue our discussion of succubi, dysfunctional relationships, and what makes a relationship actually work in the long term.

The Tao of Steve (Silver)

My good buddy Steve Silver calls in from my hometown of Philly and we discuss Sex & the City as well as How I Met Your Mother, and how Jordan stupidly forgot to hit on a cute Asian chick who writes for the show. Kourtney Kang, if you’re reading this…email me. Prove to me you are charming 🙂

Drunk Jordan and That Time of the Month…

Best. Podcast. EVER.

Yeah, for the first time, Melissa is pissed at me. Good times!

Internet Dating, Part Deux

Melissa and I continue our discussion on Internet dating (and why you should not put “about average” as a body type when you are a wildebeest) and we also go into Sex and the City: The Movie. Miranda sucks. There I said it.