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Abusive Relationships and Depression

They’re back…I mean she’s back.

Tonight, Sue and I offer some tips on how to recognize abuse and differentiate it from when you’re the problem, not them. We also talk about depression, money, and more comedians getting in trouble with the PC Fuzz. Enjoy!

Relationship Red Flags with Sue

Tonight, my buddy Sue joins me once again and we discuss:

  • Red flags to look out for, especially with abusers
  • Jealousy is the big one to look out for
  • Guys, your job at the bar/club is to hit on chicks, not get laid. Getting pussy is the bonus. Take rejection for what it is; a step towards the prize.
  • Be Don Draper. That’s how you get chicks
  • Dealing with Abuse in the family
  • Victor Salva. Fuck you.
  • And more!

Surviving Abuse with Sue and Tate

Great show today, everyone. I am very lucky tonight to be joined by two abuse survivors, Sue and Tate. That’s right, men can be abused as well. Sue and Tate, thank you very much for joining me! Together, we go into:

  • Their war stories
  • Red Flags to look out for
  • Love Addiction
  • And more!

If you are in an abusive relationship and need help, please click here.

If you are the one abusing someone, go bite the curb, I’ll be out in a minute.

Good Communication with Therapist Dan

Therapist Dan calls in all the way from Boston and we discuss:

  • How important it is to keep proper channels of communication nice and open
  • Never ask if something is wrong…unless they say something, nothing is wrong
  • Sweeping things under the rug is a bad bad BAD idea
  • Chris Brown sucks.  AMEN, brother.
  • Daddy Issues aren’t confined just to women
  • A crazy story from my college past…and you will hear me sing a solo :)
  • And much more!

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