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The Entrepreneurial Journey with Jo Lapidge

The Sensitive Nice Cat Takes a Dump

Great show tonight folks! Tonight, from all the way from Australia (for the first time, the sun truly never sets on the Sensitive Nice Guy Show!) I am joined by Jo Lapidge, the inventor of the “Litter Kwitter” product, now available all over the world! That’s right…you know how my cat has been taking a dump in the toilet?

This is the lady who made it happen. She’s awesome, and she has a lot of wonderful insights to give!

Some highlights:

  • The Litter Kwitter, and how you too can train your cat to use the can
  • The nature of cats and how they really aren’t evil minions of Satan (not sure I agree, but oh well)
  • Cats communicate through pooping. Seriously. What wonderful creatures, they are.
  • Starting a business and keeping it going
  • Marketing, pricing, and the challenges of an entrepreneur.
  • Dating advice for pet owners
  • How the best dating advice I ever got was from my cat…just hear me out.
  • And more!


The SNG on a Diet!

What up?????

  • Details of my “slow-carb” diet
  • Details of the colonic I recently got (sorry about the audio, couldn’t help myself)
  • We guys need to shut the hell up and stop complaining about, “the finger”, especially to women
  • Ali McGraw, a sane celebrity among a bunch of lunatics
  • How there are a few famous folks out there who work hard and provide value…and you won’t believe who I call out in praise…
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • And more!

The Douche…with Steve Silver

We welcome back Steve Silver of Steve Silver.net as we discuss:

  • Douches.  They suck
  • “Bridesmaids”: it rocks
  • “Just go with it” is god-awful
  • “Blue Valentine”: great, and educational

Charlie Sheen is a bad guy

In addition to discussing the obvious above this week, I discuss:

  • Josh Radnor’s new film, “Happythankyoumoreplease
  • Dysfunctional Men in LA, and how women can’t stand dating them
  • A Case for prolonged adolescence
  • How Women can’t help but want the bad boy, even if he threatens them
  • Adam Carolla’s article in the NY post about how all the men today are neutered
  • My new business, LSR Lifestyle!
  • My upcoming appearance in The Writing Pad

Hugh Hefner and Monogamy

Happy Thanksgiving!  In today’s show, I discuss the following:

  • Hugh Hefner and how he doesn’t think human being should be monogamous.  I don’t agree, but love ’em anyway
  • Red Flags to watch out for (more next week)
  • The bad examples movies and television shows set about romantic impulses

Also, today is the first show with EXTRA CONTENT ON THE STITCHER NETWORK!  You can find it here, or click on the link on the left side of the screen.



The SNG on the Stitcher Network!

Rock and Roll!  The SNG, for the first time, is a guest on someone else’s show, “Meet the Talkers” with Matty Staudt, which can be found on the Stitcher network, where we are now syndicated.  Check it out!

Religion and Romance

Philadelphia film critic Steve Silver joins me once again and we talk about:

  • Religion and Romance, and how they maybe shouldn’t mix…or should they?
  • How much Tribalism sucks
  • Gay Marriage is good for population control
  • How Nerd Conventions are an un-tapped resource (Orion Slave Girls)
  • Our little girls, thanks to Paris Hilton and other reality show sluts, have no more good role models
  • I confess that I haven’t had my first asian.


The Sensitive Nice Guy’s got a Girlfriend!

Wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened, but it’s the first time she’s come on!  My lovely lady Megan joins us in the first of many podcasts (I’m sure) we’ll do.  We discuss how we met…it’s pretty funny.


Welcome to the one-year anniversary show!  It has truly been an honor to do this podcast for you all, and tonight, in part one of (?) four, we are joined by Cliff, JP and Ashley for an all-star podcast of fun!  Tonight, we discuss what we’re all up to, how I’m off the market (yup), passive aggressive people, and how important it is to get tested for the ugly and go to the Doctor.  Enjoy!

Crazy Chicks with Mitch

Mitch returns to the podcast as we podcast LIVE from the Shangri-La in Santa Monica with a few cigars and martinis.  Chelsea Handler and Jason Biggs join us as well…off the air, ah the joys of living in Los Angeles.  We discuss “fans” of the show with issues, white guys with dredds who are douchebags, pussy-whipped men in horrible relationships…oh it’s on.  Enjoy!

Celebrity/Sex Rehab, Dr Drew, and Narcissism

In tonight’s podcast, I wax poetic (blow-hard) about Dr. Drew, his line of rehab shows on VH-1, and how really, when you get right down to it, we’re all responsible for TMZ.

The Final Jordan & Chloe Show

Thank you all so much for your support. Chloe is leaving the show, but it will continue in a new form. Told you a major announcement was coming…this is it.

A takeaway…FOLLOW YOUR PASSIONS…and the money will follow from that.

Back on Thursday with something new 🙂 Not to worry, nothing is really changing. Just no cat. Just me. And Ana.